Importance of Digitizing DeKalb Records Documenting Sale and Purchase of Enslaved Persons

DeKalb County Commission Presiding Officer and District 1 Commissioner Robert Patrick is proud to contribute to DeKalb County Superior Court Clerk Debra DeBerry’s initiative to create an online database documenting the sale and purchase of enslaved persons in DeKalb County. “In recognition of DeKalb’s 200th anniversary, I’m honored that my office can contribute to this […]

Taking properties from blight to bright – new ‘brownfield’ mapping tool details development opportunities for contaminated sites

While DeKalb County is booming, as people and businesses are drawn to the county’s array of cultural, educational and entrepreneurial opportunities, there’s one area of opportunity that a new tool is bringing to light: Brownfields. Brownfields are former industrial or commercial sites where future use is affected by environmental contamination. These could include former gas […]