Volunteer Boards

Our community councils and boards are a great way to understand important issues impacting your neighborhood and allowing your voice to be heard. Our volunteer boards serve as direct links between residents and DeKalb County government, and help to guide the decision-making on matters such as new proposals, changes in policies, and land-use.
Below is a list of volunteer boards in District 1. If you are interested in serving, feel free to contact us.

Boards and Councils

Community Council Board

The community councils are created to review applications for rezonings, land use plan amendments, special land use permits and text amendments, and to report their recommendations to the planning commission. A community council may consider such ordinances and applications in relation to the applicable standards and criteria contained in this chapter, the adopted comprehensive plan and any of the community’s quality of life issues.

Airport Advisory Council

To recommend and consult with the chief executive officer and the board of commissioners in the management, operations, and establishment of public policy for the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport. DeKalb Airport Authority Establish, maintain and operate a unified and coordinated airport system in the DeKalb County area; to insure the orderly and proper use and growth of public airports; to insure that the maximum public benefit is obtained from the various public airports presently in existence and future airports; to insure property planning and establishment of airports needed in the future; to insure the maximum participation of this State in national and international programs of air transportation; and to promote public transportation and commerce and all of this to the end of providing the most effective and economical use of public airports for the public welfare, safety and convenience.

Animal Services Advisory

The DeKalb County Animal Services and Enforcement Board also referred to as DASE will serve in an advisory capacity to the DeKalb County CEO and Board of Commissioners. Responsibilities of this board will include monitoring the master plan to ensure its implementation in the provision of professional practices including efficient service delivery and updated clean facilities. In addition, this board will serve as liaison to animal advocacy groups, animal professionals and County government for the purpose of creating a method for clear communication.

Audit Oversight 

Audit Oversight Committee serves to provide a platform for the oversight of the independent internal audit function of DeKalb County as requested by its citizenship and as established by Georgia State Law via House Bill 599. It is essential to the proper administration and operation of the DeKalb County government that public officials, government managers, and private citizens know not only whether government funds are handled properly and in compliance with laws and regulations but also whether public programs are achieving the purposes for which they were authorized and funded, and whether they are doing so efficiently, effectively, and equitably. Accordingly, the Audit Oversight Committee is hereby established to ensure independence and objectivity and to help ensure full transparency and accountability to the public.

Board of Ethics

The DeKalb County Board of Ethics serves to interpret the Code of Ethics adopted by the county, to apply sanctions to those in violation of the Code, and to issue advisory opinions defining appropriate behaviors according to community standards as reflected in that Code. When complaints are registered against commissioners or other county employees or appointees over whom the Board has jurisdiction, the Board addresses the matter. If appropriate, a hearing will be scheduled and held to obtain evidence on the issue. Should the party accused be deemed to have violated the Code of Ethics, the Board will recommend appropriate penalties or sanctions.

Board of Registration and Elections

The Board of Registration & Elections shall; (1) With regard to the preparation for and conduct of primaries and elections, succeed to and exercise all duties and powers granted to and incumbent upon the judge of the probate court by general law of whatever nature and kinds; (2) With regard to the registration of electors, succeed to and exercise all powers, duties, and responsibilities conferred upon and incumbent upon the board of registrations and elections (BRE) pursuant to general law of whatever nature and kind.


The Citizen Oversight Committee for SPLOST Revenues and Expenditures will provide accountability and transparency to all DeKalb citizens. It will build public trust in DeKalb County which will be essential if future SPLOST referendums must be approved by voters.

Planning Commission 

It shall be the function and duty of the county planning commission to review and/or recommend such careful and comprehensive surveys and studies of existing conditions and probable future developments and to review and/or recommend such plans for physical, social, and economic, growth as will best promote the public health, safety, morals, convenience,, prosperity, or general welfare as well as efficiency and economy in the development of its political jurisdiction

Parks Bond Advisory

Advise the board of commissioners on land acquisition and other matters and to review the use of bond proceeds.

Perimeter CID (13A) 

This district is created for the provision of the following governmental services and facilities: (1) Street and road construction and maintenance, including curbs, sidewalks, street lights, and devices to control the flow of traffic on streets and road; (2) Parks and recreational areas and facilities; (3) Public transportation, including but not limited to services intended to reduce the volume of traffic or to transport two (2) more persons in common vehicles or conveyances; (4) Terminal and dock facilities and parking facilities.

Watershed Customer Service and Billing Advisory 

Mission. To provide informed professional and citizen input concerning customer service and billing for the Watershed Department, to ensure timely response and appropriate review of billing errors, compliance with existing policies dealing with water billing, customer service, field work related to meters/meter replacement and repair, and installation of new meters.

Zoning Board of Appeals 

The zoning board of appeals shall have the power and duty to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged by the appellant that there is error in any final order, requirement, or decision made by an administrative official based on or made in the enforcement of the zoning ordinance.