Infrastructure investment has been a top priority for me. As a professional city planner and former president of the DeKalb Municipal Association, I understand the importance of sound, physical infrastructure and the positive impact it has on the local community.

Federal Infrastructure Advocacy

President Joe Biden has made the US’ infrastructure a top priority for his administration. Now, more than anytime in this nation’s history do we have an opportunity to fix our eroding roads, bridges, sidewalks, and implement more broadband infrastructure. 
As a DeKalb County commissioner, my goal is to ensure that our county’s SPLOST, consent decree projects, and other infrastructure projects are being implemented, as well proposing new policies that will enhance our existing foundation for better mobility and  development. 
As you can see in the video during one our townhall meetings, infrastructure can be very costly and must be prioritized.  Therefore, we need your support and voice to projects that are important to you. 

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