Infrastructure investment has been a top priority for me. As a professional city planner and former president of the DeKalb Municipal Association, I understand the importance of sound, physical infrastructure and the positive impact it has on the local community.

DeKalb's Aging Infrastructure

Prior to the the 1960's, DeKalb County was mostly rural and agricultural. As the county began to urbanize, the need for a modernized infrastructure network emerged. As a result, paved roads, bridges, underground water and sewage systems, and more power lines were installed.

Investments in infrastructure is not only capital-intensive, but also extremely costly. Most of the infrastructure that was put into place in the 1960s, is the same infrastructure that we are using today. It has, for the most part, reached its lifespan.

We recently celebrated DeKalb County's 200 year anniversary. As elected officials, it is our responsibility to make sure that DeKalb will be prepared for another 200 years and future generations to come, starting with building under the ground.

Federal Infrastructure Advocacy

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Federal Appropriations Passed for BOC FY2023
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Federal Appropriations Passed for BOC FY2024
In 2022 when I became the BOC Presiding Officer, I made it a priority to build new relationships in Washington to identify and advocate for funding for projects in DeKalb County. As your Commissioner, my goal is to ensure that our county's SPLOST, consent decree, and other infrastructure projects are being implemented and that includes identifying additional funding sources.

President Joe Biden has made the US' infrastructure a top priority for his administration. Now, more than anytime in this nation's history do we have an opportunity to fix our eroding roads, bridges, sidewalks, and implement more broadband infrastructure.
Meeting with HUD
Secretary Fudge
Meeting with HUD
Secretary Fudge
Meeting with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Meeting at Congressman Hank Johnson's Office
US Capitol Briefing with
Senator Warnock
My team and I heading to the
US Capitol

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