Commissioner Robert Patrick Pitches Congressional Appropriations Projects

DC Capitol

Infrastructure has not only been a major priority for Commissioner Patrick, but it is also a White House priority. As this year’s BOC Presiding Officer, he took the opportunity to meet with Georgia US Senators and federal agencies in D.C. during the NACo Legislative Conference to pitch DeKalb County projects for potential infrastructure and other […]

Once in a Generation Opportunity

Commissioner Patrick

Almost 80 years ago, DeKalb County, Georgia proposed a million-dollar bond to build a new water plant in modern day Dunwoody. That investment was considered risky back in the day, but quickly increased in value to six million dollars and was credited with bringing over $75 million in industrial development to north DeKalb; a phenomenal […]

Commissioner Patrick Visits Snapfinger AWTF Water Plant Expansion

Water Plant Tour

Last year, my team and I had the opportunity to tour several of DeKalb County’s water plants. During these tours, not only did we learn how the water systems operate in DeKalb County, but also learned of the various planned upgrades and improvements to increase capacity. 

District 1 Submits HUD Proposal for McElroy Sidewalk Feasibility Study

McElroy Road

As a Dekalb County maintained road, Commissioner Patrick has requested a feasibility study to install a more coordinated sidewalk network on McElroy Road. This highly residential road is utilized by pedestrians for mobility to gain access to and from the Buford Highway commercial district, transit, local jobs, as well as access to local recreation and […]